The Rhythm

Rebecca Lipon

Lead Vocals

Rebecca's love of singing started with Sesame Street, much to her siblings' chagrin, and it never stopped. She was a founding member of the Off Beats, a Jazz quartet, in her late teens, studied opera and musical theater styles for over 15 years, and performed professionally with theater groups in Northern California, Boston and New York. She has been Sinister Dexter's lead singer since 2005, and loves the mix of soul, funk and blues music.

Brian Bailey


Brian Bailey has been playing drums for 17 years, and enjoys playing live and in studio situations. He has studied privately with Curt Moore of the Soul Sauce, "The Jazz School" where he studied sight reading with Alan Hall, and Scott Williams of the California Drum Shop in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. For the past eight years, Brian has had the fortunate opportunity in playing with local San Francisco band Sinister Dexter. A conglomerate of funk, latin, blues and swing helps separate this band from all the other horn bands. Brian is honored to play with them, for it gives the chance in playing all of these different styles; making him a well rounded player.

Daniel Walling


Daniel started playing piano like everyone else, because Mom made him take lessons. But then he got hooked, switching from classical to jazz in high school, playing in various jazz combos in college, and in 2004 switching again to funky tasty groovaliciousness with sindex. Critics have described his organ solos as "really f*#$ing loud".

Steve Riley


Steve "Ringo" Riley got his start on bass in high school, and like many of Sinister Dexter's horn players earned his fame and fortune in the Stanford Band. Tired of the glitz and glamour, he returned to the land of amplified string instruments, and after cutting his chops in popular campus bands like En Fuego, here he is.

Stuart Rosenberg

Guitar & Backup Vocals

Stu Rosenberg was born on the bayou. The suburban bayou. More suburb than bayou, but you get the point. He learned to play the blues when he didn't get into Harvard, and he learned the true meaning of funk when he met Sinister Dexter. Now an intellectual property lawyer by day, Stu spends his nights cranking out riffs on an ever-expanding collection of guitar gear, and working on his white-man's overbite.

The Horns

Kevin Wooley

Tenor & Soprano Sax

Kevin is a founding member of Sinister Dexter and the defacto manager. He's been playing tenor sax since he was 12 years old in jazz groups, symphonic orchestras, and marching bands. He also plays clarinet and soparano sax, but Kenny G ruined that instrument for everyone. Because of his love for music from the sixties and seventies (and disgust with music from the eighties and nineties), he often thinks he was born a couple of decades too late. By day, Kevin is an Oscar-winning engineer for Industrial Light & Magic.

Don Hoffman

Lead Bone

Don's been playing for over 20 years, and his background covers everything from jazz to musical pit orchestras, and symphony to marching bands. He's one of the founding members of Sinister Dexter, and enjoys occasionally playing with other Bay Area bands including Foreverland, which he also helped start.

Jay Doherty

Bari Sax

Jay has played just about every kind of saxophone (and some flute) in pretty much every type of band in which you might find a sax (and a few you normally wouldn't). Despite his musical wanderings (including a piece for bass sax, trash can and zither), he always manages to find his way back to funk and soul. That's probably not surprising given his early exposure to Tower of Power, Grover Washington, Jr., Tom Scott and Weather Report. He plays alto and baritone saxes with Sinister Dexter. As did many a young lad, he began playing on alto, but played bari only in the occasional pit orchestra, so he's enjoying getting to know the big horn better. If he ever has free time, he might take inspiration from Rashan Roland Kirk and learn to play more than one sax at the same time...

Josh Schiller

Bass Trombone

Josh has been playing bone for a very long time. You could even say it pays him more than anything else he does, especially since he's currently enjoying a life of leisure.

David Borowitz


Dave has been playing trumpet since he was 9, and has had the good fortune to be a member of Sinister Dexter since 2008. In addition to funk and soul, he continues to play symphonic and occasional marching band music, and in the past few years has played with pit orchestras, society orchestras, rock bands, funk bands, and anyone else who asks for screamin' horns.